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Award in Access to Hospitals (SCQF Level 6) (online)

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This unit develops the knowledge and skills which hospital management expect of anyone whose role requires them to access hospital areas.

This module is for individuals who are required to be in hospital areas – not critical care areas, for which the Theatre Access Qualification is required.

This qualification, which lasts for two years, costs £130 plus VAT, and is recognised as a National Occupational Standard. It is also valid for all credentialing schemes, including the MIA scheme.

Assessment Criteria

As a qualification there are three key elements to be met:

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Clinical Skill
  • Reflective Practice

This unit will be assessed through three different activities:

  • Candidates will complete a comprehensive written assessment which will include the principles of Safe Practice within the relevant clinical areas
  • Candidates will complete a multiple-choice questionnaire covering all aspects of the taught Hospital/Theatre Skills unit and its pre-course reading
  • Candidates will be expected to demonstrate personal competencies in an actual hospital clinical area under simulated conditions


The programme will be delivered online and assessments are a combination of online assessments and practical assessment form to be signed off by hospital line manager.

This course is also supported by the HC Skills app.

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