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Professional Theatre Access Level 5 (LSI Tier 3 – includes Tiers 1 and 2) – Two Day Course

This qualification is recognised as a National Occupational Standard. It is also valid for all credentialing schemes, including the MIA scheme.

Classroom based – two day course

This qualification– developed in partnership with UK awarding organisation Eduqual – meets the needs of experienced senior practitioners, and individuals who are not yet operationally competent in their chosen field.

Assessment Criteria

As a qualification there are three key elements to be met:

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Clinical Skill
  • Reflective Practice

This unit will be assessed through three different activities:

  • Candidates will complete a comprehensive written assessment which will include the principles of Safe Practice within the relevant clinical areas
  • Candidates will complete a multiple-choice questionnaire covering all aspects of the taught Hospital/Theatre Skills unit and its pre-course reading
  • Candidates will be expected to demonstrate personal competencies in an actual hospital clinical area under simulated conditions


The programme will be delivered in a relevant clinical setting by a qualified faculty with defining knowledge and experience and will comprise formal presentations, problem-based learning and practical clinical sessions.

EduQual’s MedTech qualifications are credit-rated under the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), ensuring they are of the highest quality.

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Dates and Venues

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Tue 17 Mar 2020 - Wed 18 Mar 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Wed 22 Apr 2020 - Thu 23 Apr 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Thu 14 May 2020 - Fri 15 May 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Mon 18 May 2020 - Tue 19 May 2020
The Møller Centre
Thu 18 Jun 2020 - Fri 19 Jun 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Mon 13 Jul 2020 - Tue 14 Jul 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Wed 19 Aug 2020 - Thu 20 Aug 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Mon 14 Sep 2020 - Tue 15 Sep 2020
The Møller Centre
Wed 16 Sep 2020 - Thu 17 Sep 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Thu 15 Oct 2020 - Fri 16 Oct 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Tue 17 Nov 2020 - Wed 18 Nov 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel
Thu 10 Dec 2020 - Fri 11 Dec 2020
The Møller Centre
Tue 15 Dec 2020 - Wed 16 Dec 2020
Thorpe Park Hotel

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