Covid-19 Pandemic: Domestic, Social and Workplace Risk Management and Infection Control

Online Healthcare Training Courses

Duration - 60 Minutes
Course Organiser - Healthcare Skills Training International
Location - Online


Course Fee

£60 + VAT (where applicable)

By the end of the course you will understand:

  • compliance with Health and Safety and Risk Management legislation that meets employers’ liability
  • your responsibilities to colleagues and employees
  • the importance of Hand Washing, Standard Precautions and Infection Control to ensure that the risk to themselves and others is minimised
  • about the Covid-19 virus, the control measures needed to break the chain of infection and how to stop the spread
  • and know social responsibility in the working environment
  • recognise the psychological effects of lockdown and how to be resilient to overcome this and so much more!

This short programme can be done online on any mobile device, laptop or desktop.

It’s also available in English, Dutch, Spanish and French!