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Postgraduate Diploma Human Factors in Clinical Settings (Level 7)

This unit develops the knowledge and skills required to teach a basic understanding of Human Factors and their importance in Healthcare delivery. The qualification establishes the professional competencies necessary to identify the nature of Human Factors and develop strategies for individual Healthcare worker, alone and in a team, to use awareness of these factors to avoid common errors in the process of care.

The programme builds on the Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education, using many of the skills from that course in its delivery. It specifically tests and improves the delegates’ understanding of what human factors are and shows how understanding human interactions can lead to improved outcomes for patients.

Assessment Criteria

As a professional qualification there are four key elements to be formally assessed:

  • What are Human Factors?
  • How do they impact on healthcare delivery?
  • How do delegates use this knowledge to avoid errors in care?
  • How will delegates teach these elements to other healthcare professionals?

This unit will be assessed through four different activities. Participants will be asked to:

  • Deliver a lecture/lead a discussion on Human Factors
  • Identify changes in practice based on an understanding of Human Factors
  • Produce a plan to introduce changes based on course content
  • Complete a knowledge-based examination on course content


The programme will be delivered through formal presentations, structured delegate participation and administered and facilitated by clinical educators with the defining experience and qualifications. There will be a formal test of knowledge of Human Factors.

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