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Certificate in Clinical Procurement

This course develops the knowledge and skills relevant to the management of sales and commercial relationships within the healthcare environment. The qualification establishes the set of professional competencies necessary to increase the chances of successful commercial outcomes by understanding more about the manner in which hospitals operate their procurement cycle.


The objective of the Certificate in Principles Of Healthcare And Clinical Procurement, is to explore what is required to successfully work as a sales professional within the complex and dynamic environment of healthcare and the NHS and to improve the chances of commercial success due to an increased understanding of the role of procurement and the manner in which hospitals want to buy.

Assessment Criteria

As a professional qualification there are three key elements to be assessed:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Specialist skill
  • Reflective practice

This qualification will be assessed through four separate activities:

  • Candidates will complete a written assessment relevant to the procurement landscape
  • Candidates will complete a multiple-choice questionnaire covering all aspects of the taught programme
  • Candidates will demonstrate their understanding of the principles of commercial healthcare in a short (5 Mins) discussion
  • Candidates will complete a risk management exercise with reference to activity in the healthcare commercial sector

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