Professional Healthcare One-Day Clinical Procurement

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Duration - 1 Day
Course Organiser - Healthcare Skills Training International


Course Fee

£450 (plus VAT) per delegate
£135 (plus VAT) per delegate for qualification from the Government Awarding Body

Professional Clinical Procurement This course is delivered in a virtual classroom set up, by qualified Procurement and Healthcare industry Professionals. The focus is to provide the knowledge and skills relevant to the management of sales processes and approaches to Procurement in healthcare. This qualification identifies competencies that will result in a strategy for a successful sales approach. The procurement process for all contracts, tenders, and purchases is identified and explored to support good business outcomes.


The objective of the Advanced Professional Award in Healthcare Procurement is to explore the structure and strategy required for commercial success with your company’s product portfolio. To know and understand the procurement process and to identify approach which matches the hospital procurement cycle. The outcome of the course is to enable the participants to:

  • Know and understand the purchasing environment of the NHS and private Sector
  • Understand the current Procurement cycle in the NHS and Private Sector
  • Understand the restrictions, processes and initiatives that hospital procurement personnel are benchmarked against
  • Promote, market and support your company product portfolio in line with the purchasing systems of the hospital
  • Promote how your company improves patient outcomes and develop a planned approach underpinned by the way hospitals want to buy