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    Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Education

    The course fee includes £235 (plus VAT) per delegate for the qualifcation registration paid to the Government Awarding Body.

    The programme (38 credits level 7) equips delegates who have a responsibility for training colleagues within their professional remit with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to deliver structured, measured and effective teaching strategies.

    The Diploma is achieved in two days based on delegates’ recognised prior learning – for example a medical degree – and it is tailored to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals including the medical device industry.

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    Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership – Human Factors & Neuroscience

    HC Skills Postgraduate Diploma in Human Factors and Neuroscience is a powerful training programme that enables clinical teams or sales teams from medical device companies to make better decisions for greater impact with more effective engagement.

    The unit develops the knowledge and skills required for an understanding of Human Factors and Neuroscience.

    The course fee includes £235 (plus VAT) per delegate for the qualifcation registration paid to the Government Awarding Body.

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    Test Online Course Purchase

    This is a test product.

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    Hospital Access Qualification (online)

    This unit develops the knowledge and skills which hospital management expect of anyone whose role requires them to access hospital areas. This module is for individuals who are required to be in hospital areas – not critical care areas, for which the Professional Theatre Access Qualification is required.

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    Medical Device Regulations Award (online)

    This unit develops: Learners’ academic knowledge and critical awareness of the issues that comprise the Medical Device Regulations; Understanding of how regulatory requirements affect business practice; Applications to protect and sustain the company activities in their area of responsibility; Determine appropriate compliance pathways, technical requirements and data; Understanding of Quality Management Systems in relation to the Medical Device Directive.

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