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Hospital procurement first

THE first training course in the UK that is designed to align medical device company employees with new hospital procurement processes was held at Weetwood Hotel and Conference Centre in Leeds on June 26 and 27.

It was attended by companies, professional bodies and stakeholders and was the first of five which will be delivered by HC Skills before the end of 2014.

It was agreed by all company professionals in attendance that the two-day course highlighted the changing procurement landscape and the need for an in-depth understanding of the new tactical and strategic aspects that are now in play.

At the end of the two days, feedback was exceptional and all parties agreed that the course provided product specialists with the right dialogues and approaches to successfully engage with procurement managers, who are now equal stakeholders in the provision of healthcare.

The new  landscape is going through further changes with the introduction of credentialling schemes by individual hospitals, which means that companies will need to embrace fundamental changes to ensure that they can continue to work with procurement departments and all relevant stakeholders.

The course – Principles of Congruent Selling in Clinical Procurement for Healthcare Industry Professionals – is designed for medical device product specialists employees who have to engage with the buying chain in hospitals.

In the past, medical device companies were permitted to have direct contact with surgical teams to promote technical equipment and expertise. Companies invest time and money in product specialists to ensure that they  have credible and relevant conversations with clinicians. Now, however, they are required to be as credible and relevant in the company of procurement specialists.

Frank McGraw, who has been appointed Director of Professional Education EMEA to head up HCS medical devices professional qualifications framework – from Level 3 (hospital staff) to Level 7 (post-graduate surgeon education) – said: “This was a hugely successful course in Leeds, and we are looking forward to rolling it out across the industry.

“These are important times for hospitals and medical device company representatives. Practices at a fundamental level – and HC Skills can guide them through the new processes and ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to optimally with hospital procurement departments.”

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