Published by BBC NEWS - 17th March 2022

Shanae and Carys

Image source, Family photo

Four teenagers who helped a missing dementia patient have been commended by police.

Shanae, Carys, Tiana and Teaghan spotted the man was struggling to walk on Barry’s Harbour Road on Saturday.

Twins Tiana and Teaghan, 15, said the man asked them to help, saying he had hypothermia.

They were then joined by Shanae, 15, and Carys, 14 – Shanae began trying to flag down cars while Tiana and Teaghan called an ambulance.

After about 20 minutes, an unmarked police car stopped and the man was taken to hospital.

“If it were not for me and my friends, God knows where he would have ended up,” Shanae said.

“He could have collapsed on the floor and might not have been here today.”


Image source, Family photo

She said the man was “drifting off and going into fits” and he was shaking so she tried to calm him down.

Shanae said her grandfather had dementia and hoped her late grandmother would be proud of her.

“I hope my nan would be looking down and thinking I was a good person for helping someone,” the Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg pupil said.

Carys, from St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, said: “Anything could have happened because of the way he was. He was quite distressed.”


Image source, family photo

Tiana and Teaghan’s uncle, Ken Walters, said he was proud of the girls for stopping to help.

South Wales Police thanked them for helping and said the man had dementia and had been reported missing.

PCSO Dominic Bury said: “The girls stayed with the man for a period of time in awful weather, ensuring he was OK until they could get help.

“They contacted the ambulance service and flagged down officers who returned the man to hospital safe and well.”




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