Published by BBC NEWS - 7th January 2022


Image source, Emily

A nine-year-old whose physical movement was affected by long Covid is learning how to walk again.

Emily tested positive for Covid-19 in September 2021 and spent 14 nights at Yeovil Hospital, unable to move without being in pain.

Inspired by Captain Sir Tom, she is now raising money to thank the NHS workers that helped her after her diagnosis.

Her father, Chris, said she has been walking laps of different spaces with a walking aid for charity.

All funds raised will go towards NHS Charities Together.

Chris said doctors put the extreme pain she suffered in hospital down to the effects of the virus.

Emily has since struggled with movement on the left side of her body and needs to use a walking aid or wheelchair.

Emily and her sister Grace

Image source, Chris

Chris said Emily’s idea for the challenge was “massively inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore.”

“She watched his progress during his charity walk and like everyone was astonished by the funds he raised,” he said.

‘Push myself further’

On the Just Giving page, Emily’s walk against Covid, Emily said the support had been “overwhelming”.

“I have decided to push myself a bit further and now am aiming to complete a lap without my walker,” she said.

“This will be an even greater challenge for me to complete. Thank you so much for all your kind words.”

She had initially aimed to complete 17 laps of her garden within 14 nights but has since kept going after she smashed her target of £100.

The fundraiser is now at £1,890.

Emily and her family

Image source, Chris

Chris said his family want to raise awareness on the damaging effect long Covid can have on children.

“We believed kids just don’t get it, but kids are getting Covid and thankfully a majority do have it mildly but others like Emily are knocked off their feet by it,” he said.

“Your kids aren’t bulletproof.

“A couple of days before she tested positive for Covid, Emily was swimming laps of our local swimming pool. She was an active nine-year-old.”

He said Covid has “had a massive effect on her life”.

“If your child has a cough get it checked. This can affect children as badly as it affects adults,” he added.


Image source, Emily

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