Published by BBC NEWS - 30th June 2022

Dan has described his experience of contracting monkeypox at the start of June.

He said he felt tired and nauseous before developing “blister spots” which spread across his genitals and lower body.

Speaking to BBC journalist Nick Raikes, he said: “I never thought it would be something that I would get”.

According to the UK Health Security Agency, there have been more than 1,000 cases of monkeypox identified in the UK since the start of May.

The majority of people infected have been men who are gay, bisexual or have sex with men, with most living in London.

Ahead of London Pride the city’s public health director, Prof Kevin Fenton, has advised those with monkeypox symptoms such as blisters, fevers, swollen glands, to stay at home and contact NHS 111 or your local sexual health service for advice.

Monkeypox is spread through close contact, such as touching skin or sharing bedding with someone who has monkeypox or has monkeypox symptoms.




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