Published by BBC NEWS - 4th October 2023
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A surgeon, who worked at a hospital where the third UK coronavirus victim died, has been struck-off for claiming the virus was a hoax.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal ruled that Mr Muhammad Adil undermined public health and public confidence in the medical profession.

Mr Muhammad Adil, who also posted anti-vaccination comments online, had worked at North Manchester General Hospital.

The hospital is where a man, aged 60, died early in the pandemic.

The tribunal said Mr Adil worked as a locum consultant colorectal surgeon for the trust between April and October of 2020 and appeared in publicly accessible videos “expressing his views about the Sars-CoV-2 virus, the Covid-19 pandemic and the proposed vaccination programme.

“Mr Adil used his position as a doctor in the UK to promote his opinions and his actions undermined public health and public confidence in the medical profession and were contrary to widely accepted medical opinion at the time.”

A tribunal in June 2022 suspended the surgeon for his online comments to give him time to reflect on its findings, especially that he lacked “adequate understanding and appreciation of the impact of his actions”.

However five months later he tweeted: “Covid is only a flu virus. It has not killed people. People have been killed by lockdowns, fear created of dying, heart attacks, cancers, lung diseases, strokes, lack of medical facilities, dehydration, isolation depression due to financial hardship.”

North Manchester Hospital

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He continued: “Not a single trial has proved efficacy of mRNA vaccine to be safe and effective.

“I knew this hoax before anyone else would have known it and widely expressed my concerns widely across the world. Wouldn’t liked by the establishment of being smarter and visionary than them unleashing their plans before time.”

He said of the mRNA vaccine: “It neither stopped transmission of virus, treatment or prophylaxis as vast scientific evidenced proved.

“Rather injuries & deaths are attributed to toxic deaths due to myocarditis, strokes, paralysis, arrhythmias & deaths.”

He continued: “Do you think coronavirus scam & lucrative business of the mRNA vaccine around the world population would be buried like the big lies of “Weapons of mass destructions in Iraq”& scientists of SAGE would be awarded Knighthood award like the one awarded to war criminal “Tonny Blair”?’

The tribunal said Mr Adil, who is now based in Milton Keynes, had “unquestionably abused his position” as a doctor.

It found “his persistent [misconduct] at espousing views that were contrary to widely accepted medical opinion and [that he] demonstrated a deliberate disregard of expected professional standards”.

The tribunal ruled that his “erasure” from the medical register was the “only means of protecting the public, maintaining professional standards and maintaining public confidence in the profession”.

It concluded that Mr Adil’s conduct was “fundamentally incompatible with continued registration”.

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