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Introduction Regular physical activity (PA) improves physical and mental health, mitigates the risks and... more >
21st November 2021
Introduction Vertebral and hip fractures are the major fractures that occur in the older... more >
8th November 2021
Background Acute viral respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are ubiquitous in the community. Clinical presentations... more >
1st November 2021
This study shows that caseload midwifery implemented in a deprived inner city community improves... more >
31st October 2021
Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by an unprecedented infodemic in the news... more >
27th October 2021
Strengths and limitations of this study The first large-scale study that links individual-level and... more >
25th October 2021
Principal findings To our knowledge, this study is one of the largest meta-analyses of... more >
25th October 2021