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Strengths and limitations of this study Survey items were informed by a longitudinal COVID-19... more >
11th January 2021
Introduction Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer and the sixth leading... more >
10th January 2021
Strengths and limitations of this study This scoping review focused on documents providing recommendations... more >
5th January 2021
Introduction Against the background of an ageing population and rising pressure on medical services,... more >
15th December 2020
Introduction The COVID-19 has been identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory... more >
29th November 2020
Introduction Shoulder pain is one of the most frequent musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints in the... more >
4th November 2020
Introduction Since the first case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the UK,1 the... more >
4th November 2020