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Strengths and limitations of this study This is one of the first prospective randomised... more >
8th July 2020
Strengths and limitations of this study Development of a new N95-comparable mask that can... more >
7th July 2020
Strengths and limitations of this study Individuals prominently involved in the communication of medical... more >
5th July 2020
Introduction Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are constant challenges for global public health. Recent... more >
1st July 2020
Introduction In the last two centuries, six pandemics (global epidemics) have emerged due to... more >
21st June 2020
Introduction Since its identification in China in late 2019, the epidemic of severe acute... more >
9th June 2020
Background Editorial peer review stands as the gateway to scientific publication. The process was... more >
8th June 2020