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Healthcare Skills Training International reports on health news, emerging research, new treatments, new training courses and trending topics in health and wellness. All articles are written by our network of editors and contributors. Everything we publish is fact checked by our panel of experts.

Healthcare Skills Training International is a group of healthcare professionals, all successful in their own fields. In addition to their professional qualifications, they also hold Post Graduate certification in clinical education. They are the heart of Healthcare Skills Training International and ensure that everything we do is current, relevant and credible.

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HC Skills is expanding its portfolio of class-leading training programmes by introducing a new... more >
28th June 2018
NEARLY all of us love to reminisce. When someone – a friend or relative... more >
14th March 2018
HC Skills’ Anne Rhodes and Derek Hamill of law specialists Gilson Gray led a keynote presentation on medical devices... more >
1st December 2017
FOLLOWING the revisions to the classification of medical devices under the new In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation... more >
23rd November 2017
WE are looking forward to the Patient First conference at the ExCel centre in... more >
17th November 2017
IT was great to see our friends at the Møller Centre for excellence and... more >
15th September 2017
WE are now one quarter down since the publication of the MDR & IVDR and... more >
7th September 2017
LAST month, we talked about the importance of engaging in discussions with your Notified Body/Certification... more >
8th August 2017