The rules of engagement with hospital procurement may change – but not because of Brexit.

The category towers may come to the fore or individual hospital procurement processes may continue – for example with the Official Journal of the European Union.

There remain two choices in healthcare procurement, regardless of which way the Brexit dice roll.

Currently, companies need to navigate between trusts  and towers.

In companies, there are instances of management at national level communicating with the category towers and not always communicating current information to their teams on the ground who are having the everyday face-to-face conversations with clinical and procurement teams.

An example of this can be seen as most company representatives are not aware of what their national banded pricing is.

And in today’s environment, this is essential knowledge, as it is the basis for any conversation and transaction to take place.

With such a confusing landscape, who can make business decisions?

In conversations between a buyer/procurement and a company, who is actually leading and managing the route to purchase?

Is it?

  • Direct
  • Third party
  • NHS supply chain
  • Any other route

In some cases, the buyers/procurement themselves are struggling to have a clear understanding of the best route to effect any purchase.

In this situation, it is beneficial for the companies to be well informed and be able to take the lead.

As a company, which of the two choices for your strategic procurement approach will best achieve your corporate objective  and why?

The choices are:

  • USE the tower, which may mean no tender, no competition, banded pricing  – job done!
  • EXPOSE your company to the risk of an open OJEU, where you will be  competing with other companies, and time lines can take forever.

With our Qualification in Clinical Procurement, you can learn how to promote, market and support your company product portfolio in line with the purchasing systems of hospitals.

You will also be able to promote how your company improves patient outcomes and develop a planned approach underpinned by the way hospitals want to buy.

Professional Healthcare one-day Procurement Course: Thorpe Park, Leeds, May 24, August 23 and September 23, 2019.

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