The key to achieving successful outcomes and career longevity in today’s workplace environment is resilience. Resilient people stay in control andvthink in ‘real time’ of new ways to approach their problems. What most people don’t realise, though, is that resillience can be learned. Our course offers a more confidential, ‘do it when you have time’, personalised approach. Our innovative blended-learning ‘REsilience: how to turbocharge your everyday’ course is preferred by many busy professionals.

Progress through the course has a more relaxed timeframe of a month. There are two options, and you can choose which works best for you.

REsilience programme: A 360 self and peer evaluation-survey completed by you and your ‘close others’ which is analysed to gauge your personal strengths and coping skills. A flipbook for you to work through with associated materials and exercises which give you insight into how and what to change, to boost your productivity. You can purchase coaching as an ‘add-on’ once you have completed the Resilience Programme.
REsilience Programme with Coaching: This is our REsilience Programme, plus a one-to-one personal coaching session, which you book when you are ready and the course is otherwise complete. Meeting on a ‘virtual’ platform, you and your coach discuss your 360 evaluation report and completed exercises, so that your bespoke plan for change develops and your goals agreed. A second, follow-up coaching session can be arranged if additional support might help.

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