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HC Skills champions the benefits of learning and professional development based on National Occupational Standards (NOS).

These are statements of the standards of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding needed to undertake a particular task or job to a recognised level of competence.

They cover the key activities undertaken within the occupation in question under all the circumstances the job holder is likely to encounter.

NOS are Standards because they are statements of effective performance which have been agreed by a representative sample of employers and other key stakeholders and approved at an official level.

They support and enhance professional activities and align with national expectations and qualifications. Using the standards will help employees develop the capacity and capability to work effectively.

Government policy is that by 2020, high-quality NOS will be widely used both by awarding organisations/bodies for developing qualifications, and also by employers and other stakeholders to underpin staff and business development.

  1. NOS will be recognised by employers as the concise and consistent articulation of requirements for occupational competence and the knowledge and skills individuals need to develop to perform effectively and safely in the workplace. NOS will be valued by the governments across the UK and wider stakeholders as essential products for ensuring the United Kingdom has a competent, flexible and safe workforce which can drive the growth of a productive, globally competitive and sustainable economy.
  2. NOS are demand-led, evidence-based benchmarks of competent performance which underpin learning and development. In some sectors, demonstration of competence against NOS is required in order to run a business or practise a craft or profession.
  3. There is a desire at Government level to prioritise and fast-track the development of NOS to develop the knowledge, skills and occupational competence of workers in various industries, including new technologies.
  4. Technical and context-related knowledge and skills are required to perform to the standard. But it is important not to confuse competence and skill. They are not the same thing. People need skills to be competent, but competence is about applying skills (and knowledge) to achieve a professional function.
So how does this apply in hospital and other clinical/medical areas?
  • HC Skills strives to ensure that occupational standards are set and adhered to across the spectrum of healthcare training and education through the successful completion of one or more of our courses. We are focused on supporting the skills needs and ambitions of employers and their employees so that they meet compliance and other legal and professional benchmarks, thus safeguarding patient care, protecting clinical teams and improving performance.
  • We identify, develop and deliver high value-added courses across a range of sectors. The provision of quality in-class and online course material contributes to the development of a competent workforce. We aim to become the kitemark for high-value added education in hospital and associated clinical settings.
  • HC Skills develops and delivers solutions to employers and employees that present best value in the market place and supports individuals to drive for excellence in their respective fields of expertise. These solutions are designed to enhance competitiveness while at the same time allowing companies and their representatives to demonstrate verifiable competence to regulatory or other compliance authorities.
  • Many companies do not have the internal capability to train and develop their staff. HC Skills unrivalled experience and expertise provide a go-to solution for organisations, large and small, who strive to achieve optimal performance for their employees.
Apart from our industry-leading courses, a number of factors set HC Skills apart from other training providers. We are noted for the:
  • DIVERSITY of the programmes we offer
  • DEPTH of coverage within each programme
  • QUALITY of OUR teaching providers
  • FLEXIBILITY of many of our courses
  • EASE of re-accreditation
  • BLENDED learning strategies (a mixture of in-class and online material)
  • DEFINING knowledge of our trainers
  • UNDERSTANDING of the precise occupational requirements of healthcare-based companies and organisations



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