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Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Leadership – Virtual Course


Course fee
Course Dates

£2000  (plus VAT)

GPDQ/RCGP/RCP Members Course
£1750  (plus VAT)

£1800  (plus VAT)

Registration for Professional qualification with the awarding body is an additional £245 (plus VAT)

HC Skills Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Leadership ( 38 credits level 7) – Human Factors, Neuroscience is a powerful training programme that enables clinicians and senior managers in healthcare to make better decisions for greater impact with more effective engagement.

The unit develops the knowledge and skills required for an understanding of Human Factors and Neuroscience.

The qualification establishes the professional competencies necessary to identify the nature of Human Factors and Neuroscience and develop strategies for individual Healthcare professionals, alone and in a team, to use awareness of these factors to avoid common errors in the process of care.

The programme builds on the principles of Clinical Education. It specifically tests and improves the delegates’ understanding of human factors, identifies the underlying neural mechanisms and shows how understanding the neuroscience of human interactions can lead to improved outcomes for patients.

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