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We are the ONLY approved education centre in the UK delivering a range of online and classroom-based externally validated, competence-based qualifications to the healthcare industry and medical profession.

All our internationally recognised courses and qualifications are compliance-driven and meet the legal requirements of hospitals and the medtech profession.

They are fully accredited and validated and fulfil legal and regulatory requirements as well as meeting the criteria set by professional bodies and other stakeholders.

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, HC Skills International can equip those who work in a hospital-facing setting with the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure the optimal delivery of services and products.

We work with some of the biggest and best-known companies and professional associations to deliver education and training packages of the highest quality.

From hospital theatre access to medical device regulations, procurement, ethical selling, promotion and orthopaedics, our courses set the standard in the healthcare industry.

Theatre Access Qualification recognised as National Occupational Standard

EDUCATION programmes for medical professionals delivered by HC Skills International have been recognised as National Occupational Standards.

Cogent Skills, who are responsible for setting skills standards on behalf of the UK’s science industry employers, completed the exercise.

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Clinical Education Postgraduate Diploma course dates 2017

DATES have been set for HC Skills' Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Education course for next year.

The qualification – tailored for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals including the medical device industry – will be hosted in Leeds on May 2 and 3.

The course equips delegates – who have a responsibility for training colleagues within their professional remit – with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to deliver structured, measured and effective teaching strategies.

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2017 course dates Hospital Theatre Access

This unit develops the knowledge and skills which hospital management expect of medical device industry personnel entering, assisting and providing verbal/ technical input within clinical areas.

This is a national occupational standard, and the qualification is issued by a Government awarding body (Eduqual), regulated by Ofqual and the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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