HC Skills InternationalHC Skills International

Who we are

WE are the only approved education centre delivering a range of externally validated, competence-based qualifications to the medical profession and healthcare industry that are internationally recognised.

Our courses for clinicians allow them to add to their skill sets and garner new qualifications which will help them to develop their careers and improve their professional standing.

Hospital Theatre Access course

The programmes we offer to individuals who work in the medical device sector and who are required to be present in clinically acute areas – to assist surgical teams – allow them to formally demonstrate a level of competence that assures patient safety and ensures medical standards are not compromised, professionally or legally.

All our qualifications are compliance-driven. Furthermore, they are fully accredited and validated and they fulfil legal and regulatory requirements as well as meeting the criteria set by professional bodies and other stakeholders.

Training programmes usually follow a blended learning format, consisting of a mixture of online, classroom and practical environment settings.

Only one of our courses – which is for company representatives in hospitals working where patients are not present – is available to be completed exclusively online, although it includes an infection-control exercise that follows a practical format.

All of our programmes are delivered by respected medical practitioners who have defining knowledge and experience in their field. In addition to their designated professional qualifications, they all hold additional certification in clinical education and have responsibilities in their daily working lives that guarantee that the information they impart is current, credible and relevant.

HCS International is a dedicated group of healthcare professionals – formerly based at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Scotland but now at West of Scotland Science Park – who aim to guarantee the future of patient safety and the integrity of medical standards through credible qualifications that meet all relevant legal, ethical and professional standards.

Those who have completed our courses include:

  • Practising medics (surgeons, physicians, all medical practitioners)
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Medical device company representatives
  • Pharmaceutical company representatives
  • Regulatory personnel in companies that manufacture, sell or place medical devices on the market

The qualifications we offer are:

  • Post-graduate diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Professional awards

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