What We Do

We work with national healthcare providers and global organisations to ensure their highest ethical, legal and teaching standards are maintained

Healthcare Skills Training International has developed qualification pathways for the NHS in the UK, as well as numerous multinational commercial healthcare organisations. We work with our clients to create bespoke specialised qualifications designed to reflect the competencies required for employees’ specific roles.

In our consultancy and project management work, we design registered, credit-rated qualifications, training programmes and courses to fulfill the requirements of healthcare organisations of all sizes. We can also support delivery, through the recording of training videos, and provision of face-to-face and on-line, virtual class-room based courses. Our comprehensive Learning Management System underpins our training courses and can support the commissioning of gap-analysis data for commercial organisations. 

We can provide short course training held face-to-face, or in small online virtual class-rooms, or through self-directed online, on-demand platforms. We offer ‘open’ courses for anyone meeting the ‘recognised prior learning’ requirements, and work with our clients to provide bespoke ‘closed’ courses for healthcare organisations and commercial healthcare bodies on request. 

Healthcare Skills Training International is an EduQual approved centre. EduQual is a regulated awarding body (approved by SQA-Accreditation, a globally-recognised national qualifications regulator in the UK) and a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies. It delivers a range of Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) credit-rated qualifications such as our EduQual Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) and the EduQual Award in Access to Hospitals (SCQF Level 6).

Enabled by EduQual, our courses for healthcare professionals yield registered and accredited qualifications recognised by regulators, universities and other professional bodies in the UK and abroad.

Our hospital and theatre access courses for Industry are accepted by all credentialling organisations and are at National Occupational Standards.

People often hear of our ‘open’ courses by managerial recommendation and through word-of-mouth, and we respond to the needs of healthcare professionals and organisations as situations unfold and on demand. At the start of the pandemic, we introduced COVID-19 information and training courses to support colleagues and organisations at home and abroad. More recently, we launched our online REsilience product, designed by qualified counselling professionals, to boost productivity across the sector. Using an innovative approach, we have blended a 360 personal evaluation with one-to-one coaching and our online flipbook, training materials and exercises to develop insight and build personal resilience.

We deliver engaging, regulated, professional education which:



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