Benefits and Career Development for Industry Professionals

What Industry Professionals gain from our training courses

We offer programs to people working in the sector of technologies and healthcare products and who must be present in clinical risk areas to support surgical teams. These programs allow them to demonstrate a level of competence that guarantees patient safety and ensure medical standards are not compromised, professionally or legally.

  • Gain better insight into product risk-management, regulations, and delivering competence-based training to clinicians
  • Develop and maintain your Industry networks through ongoing support post-course
  • Add value to product-supporting roles: we show you how to champion patient safety and demonstrate collaborative support of clinical teams
  • Rest assured: Healthcare Skills courses achieve the highest ethical, legal and teaching standards
  • Learn about what your customers want from faculty who know
  • Gain accredited qualifications which may be used to top up your degree to a ‘Masters
  • Receive recognition of your expertise and standing by healthcare professionals through newly gained Healthcare Skills Training International registered qualifications
  • Consider early, confidential intervention to mitigate your stressful healthcare landscape with our REsilience course
  • The level of validation applied to Healthcare Skills Training International courses is professional and includes reflective practice, analysis and application of knowledge configured to your specialised clinical setting

Main outcomes from training with us

What can you expect after successful completion of our training programs for Industry professionals?

  • Achieve greater credibility as a clinical team collaborator
  • Enhanced practical skills for training clinicians
  • Reassurance on quality, because your qualifications are regulated and externally audited
  • Be able to demonstrate your commitment to continuous education and professional development to employers and other stakeholders
  • Enhanced training ability: teach in the same way as surgeons teach clinical education, raising your position to new levels

We support:

  • The establishment of mandatory training standards for industry representatives accessing clinical areas
  • A move towards a professional training record
  • Recognition of the professional role played by Industry Professionals
  • Societal debate on the role played by industry representatives in clinical areas and on applicable standards
  • Assessment by hospitals and industry of the risk generated by the presence of industry representatives in clinical areas



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