Ever wondered which course a product support specialist needs for their role in healthcare?

It’s difficult comparing the different training frameworks and qualifications, working out best value and the most effective training. Here at Healthcare Skills Training International  (HCS) we believe in letting our courses speak for themselves. We ensure you are properly prepared and confident: irrespective of whether you need to visit critical care areas, there’s an HCS course for you.

At HCS we offer one course for all your needs: automatic registry upload and reminder to reaccredit – job done. Here’s a simple guide to show the factors to look for, understanding the liability-risk to you and your company if you get this wrong.

Statement by Surgeon J Haughton, MD

“It is a significant risk for a company to entrust brand-reputation to a course or series of courses unless they are approached in a professional and rigorous way. The product representative needs good training to be confident they know how to behave in an OR setting, and present themselves as healthcare professionals would expect, when visiting our operating theatres.”





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