Healthcare Skills Training has developed courses for endoscopy practitioners and associates, as well as for administrative support staff who keep Endoscopy Units productive and functioning well. There is a shortage of healthcare professionals with the skills and experience in endoscopy, and it is Europe-wide. With the post-pandemic healthcare procedure-backlog overshadowing timely investigation of new GI symptoms, a community-based endoscopy service model is developing in the UK. Short-course training of the clinical endoscopist’s support-team may have an important role in getting UK GI healthcare back on track. Integrating with bespoke medical device manufacturer-training programmes, our competence-based approach allows staff new to the specialty to hit the ground running, so they benefit immediately from clinical experience to become safe, well-rounded and effective practitioners, associates and administrative support, as rapidly as possible. This course has been developed specifically for community-based endoscopy centres where a limited range of endoscopy procedures is offered by experienced clinical endoscopists to a selected patient-group. This frees resources in secondary and tertiary care for the more complex procedures in the more complex patients.

The courses ensure that trainees understand their roles and responsibilities, including the medico-legal aspects, full health and safety and infection control responsibilities, consent, GDPR and documentation. Modules cover patient pre-assessment within a managed referral framework, competence in and understanding of the preparation and management of patients and specialised equipment. The endoscopist-assistant role, safe conscious sedation, management of electronic patient records and unit management systems, competence in the Procedure and Recovery rooms, and the safe discharge of patients are also taught.

For registered practitioners, the qualifications build on previously taught knowledge and are rigorously assessed. Our training is bespoke to the clinical model. Please contact for more information.




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