Join the HCSTI 9th Annual ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Principles of Robotic Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty’ course to enhance your knowledge and skills in this cutting-edge field. This ‘hands-on’ course has a high ratio of expert faculty to trainees, is supported by all the major robotics manufacturers, and is an excellent opportunity to gain an overview of the available technology and a qualification in the field. It is a level 7 course open to qualified surgeons with a minimum of three years experience in Orthopaedic Surgery, and there are only seven places remaining.

The course will be held at Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow 6-7 November 2023. You will start with pre-course study, delving into contemporary prosthetic knee alignment and balance rationale, as well as the principles of computer and robotic assisted arthroplasty.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to effectively use computer and robot technology for surgical planning, decision-making, and execution. Practical workshop sessions will allow you to apply your knowledge and develop your skills in software utilization and surgical workflows.

Assessment for this professional qualification will focus on knee alignment principles, optical and electro-magnetic tracking, medical imaging techniques, and soft tissue and joint gap management. You will be tested through verbal technical instruction exercises, a multiple-choice questionnaire, orthopaedic case study presentations, and a written exercise on the principles of knee alignment.

The cost of the course is £1500 (plus VAT, if applicable) per delegate, with a special rate of £1250 (plus VAT, if applicable) for CAOS members. This price includes a qualification registration fee of £245 (plus VAT) per delegate, which is paid to the  Awarding Body.

To see the prospectus and register for a place on this course, you can book and pay online by clicking the link below. Alternatively, please   Don’t miss this opportunity to further your career in robotic assisted knee arthroplasty.

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